24 May 2016
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Is Your Diamond Real or Fake? Here’s How You Can Tell

Diamond RingsDiamond has always been in style whether you’re rocking a diamond encrusted neckpiece, watch, bracelets or even earrings. With an estimated 2.4 million weddings happening annually, it’s no wonder the diamond industry is making a lot of money. Nonetheless, behind the glitz and glamor, there are dishonest vendors who are in business to rip you off by selling you a similar looking piece but less expensive diamond-like stones. They take advantage of you not knowing the real diamond to con you.

Unfortunately, failure to check out your jewelry before purchasing could end up costing you later when you’re looking for a diamond loan service. This is because you end up buying a costume piece that is only a hundred bucks. Here are some more ways on how you can spot a fake diamond.

Does it reflect light?

Ideally, diamonds reflect light uniquely giving off a white and gray sparkle. Additionally, you’ll notice that flashes of color will be thrown into your eye, something referred to as fire. A diamond should exude both brilliance and fire. Unlike cubic zirconia, diamonds have a high refractive index. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that moissanite is also more refractive than diamond giving you a disco ball effect. Knowing this, you’ll be able to differentiate between a fake and a real diamond piece.

Does it pass light?

A real diamond shouldn’t let light pass through it, that is, you shouldn’t be able to see through a real diamond. You can easily test this by placing it over a newspaper. If you can tell what the newspaper is saying through the diamond, then it’s a fake. An original diamond will scatter the light inside and prevent a black reflection.

Is it heat resistant?

A real diamond when placed close to a heat source will be left unharmed. It’s durable and resistant to heat.

With numerous scammers around, it’s best to leave the tests to an expert. You might do several tests and end up with misjudged sentiments or even make an error.


23 May 2016
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The Student Life: Living in London on a Student Budget

Living in LondonThe Old Smoke, the Square Mile, the Capital of England. London is called by many names. But for many students here, London is their home. Students from all over the world come to the city to pursue their fields of study and be exposed to the multicultural diversity the metropolis offers.

However, London has quite a reputation for having high standards of living as well. So if you’re moving into the city to study, you might want to take a look at the following if you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket.

Getting Around

London is huge. You’ll have to ride the tube or bus to get around the city. To save money, you can buy a student oyster photocard. You can also get a Young Persons Railcard to get discounts on trains. Keep in mind that London buses don’t accept cash payments anymore. So you need to secure a travel card as soon as you can.

Living Accommodations

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for your budget. In central London, for instance, LHA London explains that there are several affordable accommodations for students offering comfortable living options. Plus they’re a great place to meet fellow students from all over the world.

Eating Out

London is a city of great cultural diversity, which means you’ll also get to try different cuisines. Be it Asian or Mediterranean, you’ll be able to satisfy your gastronomic cravings – you don’t even have to spend more than £10.


Living in London as a student will not be complete without visiting some of its famous sights. Fortunately, there are sightseeing passes you can avail. Make sure to plan ahead so you can see popular attractions like the Edinburgh Castle, Big Ben, and the London Zoo.

Living and studying in London is the dream for many. But living on a student budget doesn’t mean you can’t have the full experience. When you know where to eat or how to save on public transport fares, you’ll enjoy your time in the Old Smoke.

23 May 2016
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Understand Substances that Buildup on Your Roof and How to Control Them

Gutter BuildupHarmful substances tend to build up on the roof, and eventually cause extensive damage to your roofing material. Below are key precautions needed to control the troublesome buildup of substances on the roof.

It’s important for you to observe recommended roof maintenance practices to prolong the usefulness of your roofing. Common roof buildups, such as ice dams and moss accumulation can be taken for granted, while along they are the things likely to bring down your roof in time.

Gutter Buildup

The gutter is highly prone to the buildup of dirt, debris, and leaves. The rate of dirt collection in your gutter will be determined by the weather and surrounding features. Warm, dusty, and windy climatic conditions worsen gutter buildup. Also, if you have tree branches hanging over your gutter, then you can be sure the buildup will be intense. Clean your gutter regularly using a roof rake.

Moss Buildup

Mostly, the shaded areas of your roof will have the highest accumulation of moss growth. Moss thrives in shaded, wet areas on the roof. Cut back tree branches hanging over the roof because direct sunlight will discourage moss growth. Action Maintenance & Construction Northwest opines that removal of roof moss is critical because prolonged roof moss cover will weaken your roof and accelerate degradation.

Ice Dam Buildup

In winter, the snow on the upper part of the roof melts and some of the water that drains refreezes on the edges of your roofing. The ice weighs down the roofing and also obstructs the rest of the water from flowing down. As a result, water accumulates and begins to penetrate through the roofing material. To control roof leaks and ice dam damage, get a roof cleaning professional in good time to remove the ice dam buildup. Experts suggest you build a roof with ample ceiling insulation. You can also have a roof renovation done to accommodate more insulation.

If you want your roofing to last long, then you should include roof moss removal among the top priorities of your home maintenance practices.

5 May 2016
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The Young Professional’s Survival Guide to Living Alone

Moving Into New HomeMoving out of your parents’ house is no doubt a monumental moment in your life. It can give you an irreplaceable sense of freedom or it can scare the pants off of you. Either way, you’ll figure out that independence isn’t just about doing what you want. It’s taking care of yourself, too.

Learn how to cook

One of the basic human needs is food. It’s also the go-to of exhausted young professionals after a day at work. You need to eat, but since you aren’t in university anymore, you can’t keep living off of fast food. Besides, fast food is unhealthy and may diminish your relative youth. Buy a cookbook for beginners or watch those short clips online about how to prepare quick and easy meals.

Find a place for your things

Clothes belong in the wardrobe, while spare toiletries belong in a cupboard in the powder room. That’s easy segregation to keep your home organised. But as a young professional, your living space may not be massive. Why not go for a self-storage space for your clutter? They are convenient and affordable, and free up extra space.

Balance your finances

When you start earning money, and not just from summer or after-school part-time jobs, you might get excited about it. It’s wise to put away half and divide the other half amongst the essentials like food, transportation and bills, and your personal recreation or wants. That way, you can reward yourself without completely burning out your bank account.

Clean After Yourself

There are many ways to keep yourself occupied, and one of them is cleaning. There’s no roommate around to remind you that the dishes need to be washed or that the cobwebs are accumulating. Remember and do them yourself. Proper house hygiene keeps you from getting distracted by a mess. Also, it keeps you free from allergies or viruses.

Whatever your disposition, these are some things to remember if you want to survive living alone as a young professional.