31 March 2016
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3 Car Buying Misconceptions You Should’ve Outgrown by Now

Car Buying Myths in IndianaThe Internet has a litany of blogs about car buying misconceptions for a reason: they don’t die, and only increase. While some of them are downright wrong, others are simply outdated. They may used to work in the past, but auto dealers and salespersons also learn from experience and adapt. If you don’t do the same, never expect to get the best deal out there.

Saving the Trade-In Up Your Sleeve

Waiting until the last minute to mention about your trade-in vehicle is a trick dealerships are accustomed to. If you think you’re going to lock in a better price just because you hid this card and suddenly spring it to the dealer out of nowhere, you’re just fooling yourself.

In reality, you’re just going to prolong the entire process. Whether you bring it up early or later during the negotiation makes little difference. The key is to know the fair market value of your trade-in vehicle and the one you’re planning to buy. In addition, you must discuss every aspect of the deal separately, and not just negotiate for your monthly repayment, to ensure you’d save down the road.

Buying on a Rainy Day

To think that dealerships would be desperate to get a sale whenever there’s a downpour and say yes to whatever price you want is nothing but an illusion. Especially in rainy states like Indiana, this myth is still well and alive.

If you test the validity of this decades-old belief, you’d actually discover that the lot is even more cramped with shoppers for great finds, like a used Chevrolet Cruze in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, or South Bend, because all of you share this erroneous belief.

Reading the Contract Word for Word

Even if you must, you shouldn’t. If you do, you’d spend the whole day just absorbing whatever is in the contract. But most auto sales contracts are nothing but boilerplate regulated by the motor vehicle registry of the state.

You should, however, focus your attention on the numbers, particularly on the final price, applicable fees, and repayments, as well as the section about insurance, because they’re the ones that really define the quality of the deal.

Auto buying is already deep-seated in the American culture. However, it’s still your job to weed out beliefs that don’t make sense anymore in this day and age. It’s always good to learn about them, but not necessarily use them as a guide.

23 March 2016
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3 Secrets to Becoming an Awesome Party Planner

Planning a PartyPlanning a party can be one of the most enjoyable yet stressful experiences of your life. You get to be creative, meet new people, be a part of people’s celebrations, and savor the feeling of people having a good time thanks to your planning skills. The challenge, however, is to organize it in a way that keeps guests happy throughout their time at the venue.

Themes, Themes, Themes

Themes add individuality to any party. Innovative themes set the rhythm for your party and allows you to build on it. This can trigger ideas that you would not have otherwise thought of. A theme gives you more focused ideas and resources about planning the party. They're fun set-ups for guests, and everyone feels unified by the chosen theme. If it’s an outdoor themed party, consider hiring Clearspan structure tent rental services and do preparations as you would with an indoor theme.


In today's digital age, sending physical invites can sometimes be strange. Many people, however, still prefer this method because it gives off a personalized touch and builds an element of excitement. A unique and attractive-looking invitation can make guests look forward to the celebration. Customized invites give you the option of adding your own ideas, images, and materials. If you're not the artistic type, many stationery stores and online printers are available to give you a theme-based invitation.

The Kid’s Corner

This is especially for large functions, weddings, and family gatherings. To avoid kids from messing up the setting, create a separate eating and activity zone for them. Keep their favorite cupcakes, cheese, color pencils, and candy jars handy. This will keep them occupied and out of your business. Make sure there’s someone to watch over them, though, and conduct activities for them.

Planning a party like a pro is easy if you stick to a theme, create personalized invites, and keep a separate fun zone for children. Organizing these details in advance can ensure that your parties are nothing short of amazing.

9 March 2016
Business Adviser

Get the Show Started: 1-2-3 Essentials for Events Management

 Organizing Events in Australia Public events such as conventions, exhibits and meets are no simple affairs. Organising these take the most extraordinary effort, combining delicate timing, coordination, logistics, manpower and strategic planning. To make them into rolling successes, there must be cooperation between the many stakeholders, the organisers, and the guests as well.

If you are in the events management business in Perth, the basics of putting up a successful event is known to you. But in case you forgot, here is a quick 1-2-3 refresher shared by claasichire.net.au.

The Program

All events have to have a sort of skeletal program to take place. The program is essentially what will take place from the time the gates open to the emcees bidding the guests goodbye. This said, for there to be an event, organizers must come up with a solid plan on what the main attraction will be throughout the duration of the event. Although exhibits and conventions are free-roam for the guests, the main stage is where the show will be. A program of main events has to be drafted, containing the who, what, when, and how details. These can be anything ranging from demonstrations, contests to promos of the event sponsors and exhibitors.

The Partners

The event partners are everyone who has a stake in the show. These stakeholders are your exhibitors who will help populate and make your event busy for the most part. These parties pay to become part of the event to market their businesses. For example, events such as food festivals will typically have no problem finding partners in the restaurant business. So to make your event busy and successful, make sure to secure the attendance, support, sponsorships and commitment of these stakeholders. A beefed up event is sure to attract many attendees.

The Logistics

Events management is essentially a logistical affair. To be successful, you have to be a smooth logistical operator. Secure all the necessary materials and support you will need for the event from security to the production of stage programs. Delegate tasks to your committees in charge of the many departments such as food, security, ticket sales, marketing, et cetera. Securing the event venue is also a concern. If holding an outdoor event, make sure you have sufficient awnings, tables, chairs, tents and fencing. Don’t forget the portable toilets too. If your business does not already have these assets, you can always hire rental companies to provide them for you.

Events management is a difficult endeavour, but with the right mentality, team, and resources, you are sure to make every event a success.