4 August 2015
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Office Privacy Helps with Creativity and Productivity

Open OfficeThere is an increasing trend for open office spaces as it claims to help employees communicate and stir the creative process. Companies cast privacy aside to improve productivity and creativity using this layout. It may have its advantages, but there is still value in having a private space for your employees.

The Cons of Open Office Layouts

A team of designers from Hamburg, Germany originally envisaged the open office layout in the 1950s, to let ideas flow and make communication easier. An increasing set of evidence suggests that the open space impairs the very things it tried to achieve.

In a 2011 review by organisational psychologist Matthew Davis, he discovered that open office layouts created a sense of company mission and a laid-back atmosphere for employees but had adverse effects. Workers in open offices had shorter attention spans, had a drop in creativity, productivity and had a lower job satisfaction.

Compared to having their own private space, open office employees had increased levels of stress, reduced focus, uncontrolled interactions and were less motivated.

Constant distractions and interruptions from fellow colleagues were detrimental to concentration, productivity and creativity. The noise that open layouts created is the biggest detriment to cognitive performance.

Privacy is Still Important in the Creative Process

Private office spaces reduce noise and potential interruptions by fellow colleagues. This reduced possibility of disruptions help your employees stay focused on their work. The occasional brainstorming among your workforce is vital to the creative process, but having a place to think without any distractions is just as important.

Window films, frosted glasses or partitions allow you to redesign your office to make it more private. You do not have to sacrifice design with purely functional features. A decorative window film adds a touch of creativity to an otherwise dull work area.

A window film or frosting on glass keeps a work area or meeting room private from outside disruptions. Your employees can work without interruption and stir their creative juices.

Privacy helps workers make mistakes and get creative with their ideas without pressure or judgment. That private office or cubicle you provide your employees allows them to fully engage in their work undisturbed for better performance and ideas.

3 August 2015
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Help Kids Succeed: Supporting Your Child at Preschool

Supporting Your Child at PreschoolWhile the idea of preschool may seem a bit overwhelming for most parents, it is a time when your kid will have plenty of experiences with children their age. Preschool will help your precious one explore and develop skills in communicating, solving problems, and socializing. It will also develop their self-esteem and the foundations for formal learning.

To make the experience rewarding for your child, it best to support their learning. Kids learn best when both parents and teachers work together. It is ideal to help the teacher understand your child by sharing information about their hobbies and interests.

Golden Bear Academy shares a few ways to support your child at preschool.

Talk to Kids About School

Talk with your kid every day about what they did at preschool. Keep in mind, however, that communicating effectively about school goes deeper than just asking, ‘How was school today?’ It is best to ask more specific questions like, ‘What did you like best about today’s class?’ or ‘Did you read any books today?’ Ask your preschooler about anything that bothers them and allow them to complain; airing out their grievances will help them get over such things more quickly.

Communicate With the Teacher

It is always important to build a good relationship with your child’s preschool teacher. This will help you become a part of your kid’s school experience and take pride in your child’s achievements. Talk to their teacher with an open mind, and ask about your child’s learning and the activities that you can do with them at home.

Get Involved at School

If you want to gain firsthand understanding of your precious one’s activity, volunteer at school. This is also a great way to show your kids that you are interested in their education, and it helps you know the trends of school life that can help you communicate with your children as they grow and change.

Your preschooler may do better at school if you make an effort to get involved in their studies. Make sure to encourage healthy habits at home and limit the amount of time they spend watching TV or using the computer. Do your part; this will benefit you and your child not just today, but when they’re all grown up.