31 May 2015
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You Can Get Richer with Your Garage Door

Garage DoorWhen people begin the process of selling their homes they consider several factors—first the bedroom and bathroom, then the kitchen, and so on and so forth. There is, however, one neglected element of the house that can cause a significant difference in the value of the property – the garage door.

Small Things Can Go a Long Way

Replacing a garage door right before the house gets listed can allow the owners to bump the asking price by as much as one to four percent. These numbers don’t look like much, but with the kind of figures houses go by these days, a single percentage point can easily translate into thousands of dollars.

For example, the original value of a house was around $360,000, simply changing the garage door can add as little as $3,600 or as much as $14,400 to the price. These figures look like they’re too good to be true, and most people will definitely think that. Does a new garage door really add that much to the value of a home?

One of the few things that people don’t realize about their own garage doors is the amount of space they take up. After all, they need to be both taller and wider than a car before they can even be considered fit for their job. An implement with that size will definitely have an impact on the visual appeal and security of the house.

No Sounder Investment

This is what people are looking for when they agree to pay more for a house with a new garage door, even if they don’t realize it. In fact, real estate agents often advise their clients to contact services like A1 Garage Door Repair to change their garage doors before selling a house anyway because of the state many of them are in. Broken, rotting, and ugly garage doors remove a lot of the curb appeal many houses definitely have going for them.

The best part about the whole deal is that the new door almost immediately pays for itself if the style fits the architectural style of the rest of the house. There are very few investments in the world that can promise the kind of gains a garage door can bring, and anyone on Wall Street would jump all over those odds.

27 May 2015
The Daily News

Awnings Aren’t Canopies, But Sometimes They Are

CanopiesLooking at some of the things people fight over, it seems that humanity is just content to find the difference in everything. But sometimes the differences that look like nit picking have real reasons behind them.

The Difference Between Awnings and Canopies

One of the most vivid examples is the difference between an awning and a canopy. People use both terms interchangeably to describe a cover that usually adorns restaurants and hotels to provide additional shade for door spaces. What most people do not know is that they are wrong, at least half the time, since awnings and canopies aren’t the same thing.

The main difference between the two is the orientation of the object in relation to the building. The awning is a protruding roof-like cover that’s attached to the building, while a canopy is a free standing similar in appearance to a large umbrella. People use canopies when they need to gather or relax in an outdoor area far removed from any structures. Awnings, on the other hand, shelter limited spaces near entrances to buildings or window displays.

Another important distinction between the two is that canopies are often collapsible and mobile, while awnings remain in place. The most awnings can do with regards to mobility is if they have retractable arms, such as the ones seen on Action Awnings, which allow greater flexibility for different events and functions.

Blurry Lines

The main point of confusion between the two is that there’s a level of crossover wherein an awning can turn into a canopy. One of the best examples is when an awning is so large that it requires supports on the side opposite the building attachments. The reason for this may be because people want to avoid the confusion of calling something that has the same coverage area as a canopy to still be called an awning.

The difference may not be significant enough for people to take note of, but it can mean the difference between getting a successful garden party, and a stylish entrance.

25 May 2015
The Daily News

Being Updated on California Home Ownership

buying a homeDo you want to live in a place known for superb gourmet dining, excellent wine, and a great quality of living? You should consider having a home in California’s Napa County.

GatesEstates.com notes that owning real estate in Yountville, CA is a great opportunity to experience the serene life in this world-famous wine region. Still, before you have the chance to live there, you will have to go through the usual home buying processes such as needs assessment, consultations with property managers and lenders, house searching, and issuing offers to sellers.

Before closing any deal, however, it pays to know what buying a home in California would mean for you. Familiarizing yourself with the state’s practices will save you a lot of trouble later on.

Put Everything on the Negotiating Table

After making an offer for the house of your choice, you should expect a tough battle on the negotiating table. Anticipate a counteroffer that would demand a higher price that is more advantageous to the seller.

With enough time to think well about the offer, you can agree to the seller’s conditions, issue another proposal or completely decline the offer without having to pay any fines. Then, you can move on to the next house you are thinking about buying.

Do Not Forget Your Homeowner’s Insurance

That house cannot be officially yours unless you first settle your property insurance. You also can’t take out a loan without this.

Your insurance should give you enough protection in cases of robbery, fire, earthquakes and the legal responsibilities that go along with such incidents. Your real estate professional may suggest insurance companies that would be best for you.

Close the Deal the California Way

You need to get used to hearing the word “escrow” when you are finalizing your home purchase in California. The usual escrow period is 30 days, but you can negotiate for a longer or shorter time depending on certain situations.

Final evaluations are done like checking of official documents for errors, settlement of taxes and additional claims, and signing of title and loan papers. You will also have a chance to do a final check of the house to make sure that it is really in good condition.

After the escrow period, you become the new owner of the house. With your new home in your possession, take the time to explore what Yountville offers and get a feel of what it’s like to live in Napa.

22 May 2015
Medical Standard

Seeing Eye to Eye with LASIK Surgery

Lasik EyeLASIK eye procedure has continued to gain popularity since its beginnings. This surgery is the most common laser eye procedure for corrective vision treatment. Millions of patients have undergone LASIK procedures and returned home with great results.

LASIK surgery also bears long-term effects following the procedure. Aies.com.au says of the results: It is possible that results could last a lifetime. Once refraction has stabilised (usually by 3 months after LASIK surgery), the reshaped cornea is permanently modified – your refractive error corrected.

If you are considering LASIK, get to know the basics.

Characteristics of a good LASIK procedure candidate

LASIK surgery isn’t for everyone. Patients who undergo this without proper consideration might experience fatal consequences. Good candidates for LASIK surgery should bear the following characteristics:

• Must be at least 18 years old. Other procedures require patients to be 21
• Must not be pregnant or nursing
• Must not be currently under prescription drugs
• Must have eyes in healthy condition
• Must be in good health

How does the procedure work?

LASIK surgery stands for Laser In Situ Keratomileusis. The surgery uses a laser underneath the corneal flap to reshape the eye’s cornea. Surgeons use a highly specialised laser to improve vision, correct refractive errors and eliminate the need for glasses.

LASIK surgery changes the cornea’s shape. The surgeon creates a thin corneal flap with a microkeratome. He pulls back the flap and uses laser to shape the cornea in unique patterns for each patient. The procedure typically takes less than 30 minutes to perform.

Advantages of LASIK eye procedures

LASIK gained popularity in the past years due to its numerous advantages. With this surgery, vision is corrected almost immediately or a day after. Other advantages are:

• Freedom from glasses and contact lenses
• Elimination of risks leading to visual impairment
• Treatment minus the pain

LASIK surgery opens numerous opportunities by correcting visions. Before you undergo the procedure, consult your physician. Know the expectations before, during and after the surgery. Make sure that you are a good candidate for the procedure to prevent risks.

Life without glasses and contact lenses is possible. Say hello to clearer vision immediately with LASIK surgery.

21 May 2015
The Daily News

Don’t Miss a Near Miss: 3 Strategies to Prevent Close Calls

workersIdentifying near misses is important. The disturbing thing about these incidents is the “almost” factor. You ‘almost’ trip over an extension cord and break your arm, but break the fall by grabbing corner of a desk. You ‘almost’ slip from scaffolding and experience a hundred-foot drop, but manage to hold on to the railing.

When it comes to industrial operations, you can never afford ‘almosts’ in safety. Safety should be certain. That’s a duty the law requires and precisely what employees expect from you. Close calls, like near misses, require you to take action. Reduce the chances of such incidents happening by following these strategies:

Define a Near Miss

Near misses are untoward incidents that do not lead to injury or serious damage, but may have had the potential. Though clear, this is a broad understanding of what near miss is. It’s important to have an established, agreed-upon meaning that’s unique for your business operation.

Call a safety meeting and gather stories about near miss incidents happening within the work site. Encourage workers to speak up and talk about encounters. From there, conduct training to refresh your knowledge about safety. Top rigging companies like ConsolidatedRiggingandLifting.com say that an educated workforce is an efficient work force. Education is the first step in preventing near-miss incidents.

Create a Safety-First Culture

A safety-first culture starts with collaboration between employees and employers. In most cases, these things happen because employees don’t report them.

Employees don’t report such incidents because they are either indifferent or too embarrassed to tell their story. You have to do away with the doubts and encourage employees to report near misses. Again, safety culture starts with open communication—remind employees that reports are a priority.

Reduce the Risks

Use the near miss reports to assess the risks involved in the work site. Eliminate the hazards immediately, if possible. Get rid of fractured hand tools, damaged forklifts, loose handrails, and other malfunctioning equipment. Replace them as soon as possible. Manage risks effectively if you have no way of eliminating them. For instance, use safety hooks to keep cables and cords off the work floors.

You can’t afford a near miss. Know about such incidents in your work site to improve safety.

20 May 2015
The Daily News

The Yoga Craze And Why It’s Going To Stay

yogaThere are as many types of yoga as there are many forms and positions. Earlier known as a niche exercise for the most flexible and well meditated, yoga has fast become one of the more household names that can rival the likes of aerobics due to the number of benefits it provides. But, what are the reasons yoga has become widely popular as opposed to other forms of fitness routines? Here are the most notable ones.

Yoga is a Flexible Recreational Exercise

Yoga has as many types as there are many forms and positions. With the many options to choose from, it is almost impossible to get bored of it. There will surely be a type of yoga for every person to get into.

Yoga is Enjoyable and Easy to Get Into

Yoga, unlike all other rigorous sports and exercises is very enjoyable and easy to get into. It can be tailored to fit the needs and even the flexibility and abilities of a person. In yoga, your instructor will be able to tell if you are ready for certain positions or if it is still too early for you to venture into another form.

Since it is a personal exercise, it is also possible to jump from one type to another. It is a type of exercise where you can decide on your pace and your own time. If the routines get boring, you can incorporate more things to keep it interesting. For instance, you can get into fire yoga or air yoga, you can incorporate the use of an aerial hammock or an exercise ball. AntiGravity Fitness believes that with the use of items such as an aerial hammock, you will be able to challenge yourself more and push yourself to the limit; thus, opening another world of yoga for you.

Yoga is a Holistic Discipline

From breathing exercises to posture improvement, flexibility and inner peace of mind, yoga is a holistic discipline that really brings out the best in its practitioners.

Yoga is truly one amazing exercise. Enroll in trials and you will surely find a routine fit for you.

19 May 2015
The Daily News

Potent Power-Up: 3 Additions to Supercharge your Morning Protein Shake

Protein ShakeProtein shakes have gone to become a popular supplement among people riding the fitness wave. And for good reason. Most protein shakes contain up to 22g of protein per serving. These portions can help an athlete meet his performance and physique requirements.

Apart from simply mixing the powder with a glass of water from a cooler, here are three additions you can infuse in your blend to supercharge your protein shake.

Milk and Dairy

It is a no-brainer that milk and other dairy products pack a lot of not only protein, but calcium. For athletes looking to build muscle and strength, this is a one-two combo to reach that goal. Adding milk to your protein shake complements its whey protein with all these other goodies.

The casein protein in the milk can help muscles repair and grow during downtime or sleep. And the added calcium makes for strong bones – reinforcing your knees and other parts of your skeleton that carry a lot of weight during training and performance.


Of course, your basic protein shake is already flavoured, but you can always enhance this with sweeteners. To get fit, ditch the sugar. Look for sweeteners that impart a new flavour as well as bring nutrients with them.

Honey is a good addition, as it is a nutritious sweetener packed with energy. A tablespoon of honey on your pre-workout shake can give you that extra boost in energy to keep you functional throughout your session.

Fruits and Vegetables

For a really filling protein shake, you can also add your food into it. Fruits and vegetables make for great additives in a protein shake. The added food mass helps fill your stomach. And consuming the fruits and vegetables in liquid form also helps your body absorb it faster, adds Purity Water.

The added nutrients of sugars from the fruits, and vitamins from the vegetables make your shake quite a hearty cocktail.

Protein shakes are just the beginning. It is an open canvas where you can still modify to your liking. Just use your imagination, and you can have great shakes every day.

18 May 2015
The Daily News

Painting Your Roof Right Using Colorbond

roof colorPainting your roof is not always necessary, especially if you have a tiled one. However, your roof can make your home look very attractive if you choose the right colour. Colorbond is a popular brand of paint for roofing in Perth with a range of 22 colours to give your home a contemporary to classic look. It all depends on your basic home design.

Here are some tips for choosing your roof colour from Bower Roofing:

Look around You

Your house does not exist in a vacuum. Even if you think pink would go great with your overall house design, it might clash terribly with your surroundings. If many trees back your house, certain shades of grey or green can help your home blend in nicely. If there are houses close by, choose a neutral colour such as a muted brown to keep in sync.

You can also tie your roof to your surroundings by choosing a similar colour for your veranda or your fence.

Consider the Material

The dominant material and finish of your home will also affect the colour of your roof. If you have a rustic design, reds and oranges go very well with the general motif. If you live out in the suburbs, you could indulge your personal preference for an eclectic look by choosing contemporary shades.

Colour Matching

Colorbond is not just for roofing; if you used Colorbond for your external walls, you may want to keep your roof colour in the same family for a cohesive look. On the other hand, you can really make a statement by choosing complementary colours for your roof.

To paint your roof to make it look nice, it is important to look at the big picture. The best way to choose colour is to assemble a colour palette that includes all the different parts of your home.

14 May 2015
Tech 101

Looking for the Right CMMS: The Essentials

CMMSA Computerised Maintenance Management System or CMMS system is utilised for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of maintaining the asset’s of your company. It is capable of automating and improving your company’s existing procedures.

Basic CMMS Features your System Should Have

When considering different CMMS systems, Mainpac.com.au says the most critical features include flexibility and its capacity to adapt to the present and future requirements of your company. Flexibility assures that you will be able to input information regarding your company and that it can be tailor-fitted to your specific needs. In relation, you must check the system’s limitations. To illustrate, let’s say the amount of records in the CMMS database suddenly and considerably increases, the system must still perform as expected and not show slow reporting and searching functionalities.

Another important feature is the self-sufficiency of the system such that it must be capable of complete and direct usage without requiring a manual or other external sources. On-screen instructions must give precise details about what it is going to perform or currently doing, as well as how to operate it. It should likewise be able to easily and effectively interface with the variety. Other vital features include data and system security, modifications, screens and reports that can be customised by users, and the programming language it uses.

Where to Get your CMMS

When deciding on the right CMMS for your company, it is imperative that you engage the help of experienced and reputable CMMS consultants and providers to help you find the most ideal system for your company’s specific needs. Ask for references, overall cost, payment options, warranty, source code and delivery. Also, find out if they do upgrades, implementation, and training, as well as how they conduct system and customer support.

Remember, a perfectly planned, thought-out, and implemented CMMS system for managing and maintaining your company’s assets will be certain to deliver significant effectiveness and efficiency improvements to your organisation. With the right computer maintenance management system, you’ll be able to see savings and overall service improvements.

12 May 2015
Tour Section

A Traveller’s Guide to Australia

Australia RainforestHolidays are the time when family reunite and spend a couple of days, enjoying each other’s company or travel to different places and see a different environment. It is a time, which many people look forward to because it serves as an opportunity to find the much-needed break from their stressful jobs.

Australia is home to some of the best tourist destinations in the world. It offers world-class facilities, along with a diverse ecosystem full of exotic wildlife. These factors are what make Australia popular among tourists.

If you are thinking of visiting the country, and looking to reap the full Australian experience, here are some tips you can consider to ensure a wonderful stay:

Accommodation is a priority

The first thing any traveller must take into consideration is the place where they are going to stay. There are many resorts and hotels, which tourists can check-in. To save money, some people actually look for short-term accommodations from companies like exapt.com.au.

Knowing the best places to eat

Perhaps the best way to know the culture of a foreign place is through its food. Australia is home to some of the best cuisines known to man. Known for its seafood and an abundance of beef, the land offers other sources of protein that travellers can try. Alligator and kangaroo meat are popular indigenous ingredients in some of the dishes that many restaurants serve in the country.

Knowing the different places to visit

From business centres to rain forests, Australia has it all covered for tourists wanting to experience both worlds. Moreover, going around the city is easy as people are friendly and the public transportation system is considered as one of the best in the region.

Travelling is perhaps one of the best ways to spend time away from work. It gives you the opportunity to learn new customs and see new places.