29 August 2014
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Flipside: Turning Dull Spaces to Attractive Stores

shop fixtureChange is inevitable. Whether it has a positive or negative effect depends on how well people adapt and benefit from it. This happens in every aspect of life, but businesses are perhaps the most affected when changes occur. They badly need it more than others do.

Regular modification in business is one of the effective ways to attract new customers and retain recurring ones. In business, managers either change their product and service line or map out new marketing method and approach. Both ways work, however, some owners tend to overlook the importance of revamping the store.

The design of a shop has an indistinguishable power to invite people, make them feel welcome, alter their mood in a good way, and encourage them to explore every corner. The more people means the higher chance to increase sales. Change in the store can be done in just three ways.

Designing a Proper Layout

Do not overcrowd and clutter products on the walk paths to allow customers to freely move around the store. Provide shelves and racks so people can run through the things you are selling. Meet with shopfitters in Perth to help you plan and design your store fittings. The presentation of the products should be guiding, giving them a visual cue to move forward instead of out.

Using a Good Lighting System and Colour Theme

The best way to attract customers is by enabling them to see what you have to offer. Give them a clear view of the things inside the store. The proper lighting system improves the visual aesthetics of the store. Likewise, your choice of colour theme is important. These two factors go side by side. You can install large glass windows to utilise natural light better. Light can help keep the customer’s mood happy.

Providing Good Sound and Smell

Studies show that music can uplift the spirits of people. With a good sound system and an appropriate playlist of songs, you can definitely improve the store. The smell is a factor, as well. Nobody can last in a room that has a foul odour. Make sure you keep the store scented.

There is always room for improvement. In business, even the small things matter. Apart from providing top-notch products and services, present a nice place to improve customer experience and satisfaction.

28 August 2014
The Daily News

Around the World in Birthdays

birthday suppliesBirthdays mean bringing out the streamers, ordering the cake, and buying other party supplies. There are around ten thousand people celebrating their birthdays right now. These lucky celebrants come from different part of the world, and revel in their special day the way they do best. All of them are fun, but many of them look nothing like any birthday you might have had.

Birthday supplies provider bwu.com.au recently enumerated the ways people around the world celebrates their birthdays:


In Europe, people don’t celebrate birthdays all that much. What they do celebrate are name days. Name days come from Christian tradition wherein people celebrate the feast days of the saints they’re named after. For example, all the George’s in Bulgaria celebrate their name day on 6 May, while all the Joans celebrate on 7 January.

On such days, children bring chocolates and sweets to school. No one sends invites to a name day party, because everyone can come and give the celebrant presents. Nothing’s better than getting presents, even if it comes from someone you don’t know – as long as your parents are there with you.


Before 1950, birthdays weren’t a very big deal in Japan. In fact, people didn’t celebrate birthdays at all. A world without birthdays? How did they survive? The Japanese only celebrated one birthday, everyone’s birthday, also known as New Year’s Day. The logic behind it is that when the New Year rolls around everyone is a year older, regardless of when they were actually born.

Today, the Japanese can also have more than one opportunity to celebrate their birthdays, especially if they have a partner. It’s customary for someone with a significant other to spend their birthdays with their partners, and celebrate with friends and family some other time.


In Kenya, children celebrate their birthdays in groups called initiations. It’s a time when children are accepted as members of the community. The traditions of these days depend on each tribe, and the circumstances. Some tribes may celebrate with special treats, while others will revel in the presence of the new community members with dancing.

People celebrate their birthdays in different ways, and some of them may not celebrate them at all. But, they’re all important because they stand for the beginning of someone’s life, and that’s plenty reason to be happy.

28 August 2014
Business Adviser

The Pawful Essentials: 5 Must-Have Pet Care Products for New Puppies

You have all the love to give for your new puppy, but what about the things needed for them to live a happy, healthy life?
Finding the perfect puppy products can be a real blast, as there are so many supplies available for dogs. There are so many that it could be difficult to know what is necessary and what qualifies as little luxuries.

puppiesWhile it is tempting to splurge for a dog, make sure to get the essentials to make your new puppy’s homecoming a smooth one.
Food and Water Bowls

Obviously, food and water are the two most essential things for your new puppy to grow healthy. The bowls and dishes are equally important. You can choose from plastic, ceramic, glass, and even stainless steel containers—it can be fun to pick out several different kinds.

Dog Beds

The first night your puppy spends at home is always special. Make sure there’s a place for the little one to lay their head and snuggle up. Dog beds sold online and in stores usually come in a variety of designs to fit the needs of every type of dog. Consider getting a bed for each dog in the house and get an extra one just in case, or get a larger dog bed for pets who like to share.

Collar and Leash

Your puppy will need a collar and leash once you bring it home. The collar will hold the pup’s dog license and identification tag. You need to attach this to the leash, which you will need to walk your new best friend. What is great is that these are also a great way to show off your dog’s personal style — and your own as well.

Grooming Supplies

Even the littlest puppies need grooming, so it’s important for them to behave during the process. This could help save you all the trouble in case they grow too big. Their coat will need regular washing, brushing, and combing. Toenails also need trimming, ears will need cleaning, and the teeth will need some brushing, too. Be prepared for the grooming routine as soon as the puppy comes home.

Prepare everything before the puppy comes home — mostly because you will be busy playing once they get there. From dog bowls to grooming supplies, toys, and dog clothes, the possibilities are endless. Just remember to prioritise what your dog needs, and put your wants second.

26 August 2014
The Daily News

It’s the First: Birthday Cake Ideas for Your Kid’s Party

birthday cakeAlthough your precious little one probably won’t remember their first birthday, it is one of the most important milestones in their lives. The cake is one of the most exciting parts of the party, so you need to choose a spectacular design for it.

Read on for birthday cake ideas for your little one’s big celebration.

Photo Cake

An edible image or photo cake is a unique way to display a birthday message. You can choose to include a single photo of your child, or a collage of pictures featuring the year’s highlights. Photo cakes are a fun idea that will definitely have everyone gathered around the table when it’s time to blow the candles.

Lego Cake

Lego is one of the most popular toys for children, and a cake shaped like one is an excellent choice for your kid’s party. There are plenty of ways to get creative with this type of cake design. Cakes can look like blocks, mini figures, and or an entire building set. The design can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. You can choose to design the Lego cake on your own or get a specialty bakery to do it for you.

Teddy Bear

Your kid’s favourite stuffed animals is an excellent inspiration for a birthday cake design. This design grabs attention and will surely be one of the stars of the party. Teddy bear cakes can be in different colours such as pink, brown, or yellow. Make sure to choose a style or design that complements the theme of the party, including your baby’s gender.

ABC Theme

Although your little one might not know the ABCs yet, this design is perfect for 1st birthday parties. You can decorate the cake with letter icing and numbers or use small alphabet blocks to spell out the child’s name on top of the cake.

Make your precious one’s birthday memorable with these cake designs. You can also get ideas from movie and cartoon characters. Whatever you decide on, make sure to take photos of the cake so that you have something to show when your little one grows up.

23 August 2014
The Daily News

Staying Active in Your Senior Years

senior healthAs you age, exercise and other physical activities should become an even bigger part of your lifestyle. Staying active becomes more essential in your later years as some studies show that regular exercise can fight off diseases and enhance your memory.

Senior health authorities explain that a sedentary lifestyle can rob the smiles and healthy disposition of seniors. To fend off age-related health conditions and depression, many seniors strive to stay fit while considering their safety.

Walk around the park

One of the simplest yet most beneficial activities is walking. It can help you reduce the risks of weaker bones by increasing your feet training. By doing this every day, you can keep an active lifestyle while obeying some home nursing policies. Walking can help you endure fatigue for longer periods compared to other seniors.

Don’t force your body

Jog,play tennis and swim at a level where you can feel that your body is working, but don’t push yourself too hard. This may only lead to pain or injury.

Make sure to warm up before the exercise to prepare your body. End your routine with a cool down so your heart rate can go back to a normal speed. For example, start a morning run slowly, then increase your speed, then before ending your run, lose speed until you only have to walk.

Enjoy a sexy retirement

A survey shows that sexually active retirees tend to be happier. This does not mean that couples who prefer watching late night shows and eventually fall asleep are not happy. As a matter of fact, 59% of the respondents say that they are still happily married even without sexual activities within a year.

What these kinds of studies probably want to relay to seniors is that intimacy can boost your energy in life. With your children having their own families now, it is the most ideal time to spend with your partner. Reminisce how wonderful the previous years have been for the both of you and your family. Fall asleep with the stories that you would want to tell your grandchildren.

By staying active, seniors can prevent the risks of falling and developing mental diseases. You can also focus on improving your emotional wellbeing by interacting more frequently with others.

Don’t hinder yourself from enjoying life. Your senior years can be just as great as your mid 30s.

23 August 2014
The Daily News

Hoodies: A Fashion fixture From Streets to Fashion Runways


Photo by Sarah Laval | Flickr

Hoodies are a fashion mainstay, most especially when it comes to street culture. People everywhere from trendy fashion runways to hip urban streets don them regularly. It is practically impossible to walk down the street and not be able to spot teens sporting them.

The truth, though, is that you need not be a teen to don the ever-stylish hoodie. Hoodies are one of the most practical, trendy, and practical clothes that you can wear. In fact, it is not unheard of for the fashion conscious to buy hoodies by the bulk or wholesale. What exactly makes this rough and rugged piece of clothing so popular among the fashion conscious?

Practical Fashion Wear

Hoodies, apart from being a stylish and comfortable street wear choice, are practical. With just a little flip, you can shield yourself from the wetness of rain or the harsh coldness of snow. You would also not be left wanting, as they are much more affordable pieces of clothing.

Warmth and durability

Hoodies are able to shield you from cold weather conditions. These keep you warmer than shirts, and other articles of clothing. They come in different designs and materials, but are commonly made from cotton or fleece materials that are extremely durable.

Stylish wear for men and women

Hoodies are stylish clothes for men and women alike. You can use these items for everyday wear or as accentuations to more formal sets of clothing. They make quite a fabulous addition to wardrobes for both genders.

Clothing article of versatility

It does not matter whether you are aiming for a sporty look or if you are simply feeling a bit chilly under the weather. Hoodies are fashionable and functional articles of clothing that can suit your needs. Mixing and matching them up with your favourite shirt can help bring out your own personal style.

Hoodies have evolved from being ornamental cowls for monks to being a mainstream fashion fixture. Especially with the surge of urban culture, hoodies are fashion must-haves for people of all preferences and walks of life.

21 August 2014
Medical Standard

Common Myths about Office Based Anesthesia

Office Based Anesthesia SolutionsDue to convenience and other economic considerations, surgical operations have been performed increasingly in offices over the last decade. The demand for cosmetic surgery procedure, for instance, is one of the driving factors in the rapid growth of office based anesthesia.

Office based cosmetic surgery has been around since the 1960s in the US. The anesthesia for this kind of procedure in the office setting is often performed under monitored anesthesia care (MAC). Office Based Anesthesia Solutions have many advantages, but there are some common myths regarding OBA that need to be addressed. Read on to learn more about them.

OBA is Unsafe

Office based anesthesia is definitely safe if the procedure is performed in an accredited facility by board-certified specialists. They carefully select patients appropriate for such setting. In 1999, the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) House of Delegates approved “Guidelines for OBA” as well as the “Statement on Qualification of Anesthesia Care Providers in the Office Based Setting.” This only shows that ASA standards applicable to care in hospitals also apply to OBA.

MAC means “Awake”

Monitored anesthesia care (MAC) is the only type of care anesthesiologists give to the patients. It’s a specific anesthesia service, not a description of sedation. The ideal anesthetic for OBA should be SAFE – short-acting and fast-emerging. It should be simple and give an illusion of general anesthesia, in which the patient neither hears nor feels the procedure.

Airways Need “Control”

All mammals have a natural airway. But in OBA, it’s not out of control. Meaning, the airway in most patients works well even if they’re under deep sedation or without invasive airway devices, such as laryngeal mask airways (LMAs).

Ketamine is not a Good Drug for Office Base Anesthesia

Ketamine is a type of anesthetic that has multiple advantages, but it has a reputation for having negative side effects like emergence hallucinations. The key here is to provide hypnosis with another drug before using Ketamine as a dissociative anesthetic. Once the possibility of poor emergence from anesthesia has been removed, the advantages of Ketamine become evident.

All aesthetic surgeons want their patients to have the best possible experience. Thus, having an anesthetic care that is even better than in hospital is always a plus.

20 August 2014
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The Secret Weapon Schools Can Use to Fight Childhood Obesity

kids playingChildhood obesity is a serious problem in Australia. The number of overweight children has been increasing over the past few years. There’s no single cause; it’s simply a combination of many different factors that lead to unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles.

As their second home, schools need to take an active interest in the health of their students. You can’t just rely on parents, as not all adults know about proper nutrition or are willing to get up and play catch with their kids.

While many schools are now offering much healthier food options for their students, exercise is still widely neglected. Here is how you can make a difference.

The secret to making children more active

There is one universal way to encourage children to exercise, and that is to make it enjoyable. The fact that even the least sporty of children still love playgrounds is testament to the power of fun. Moduplay even states that the best playgrounds help children grow physically, mentally, and socially – all while they are having a fantastic time.

The classic playground is the perfect example of a good fitness environment. Following its example should be the goal of every school, yet many forget something so simple.

Where schools go wrong

Physical Education is where almost every school fails in the fun department. How many times has popular media portrayed gym class as ruthless torture where only a select few excel and enjoy themselves? While these depictions are obviously exaggerated (we hope), there is no denying that today’s gym classes are far from perfect. Here are ways to make gym class something that everybody can look forward to.

  • Start with the teacher. We’re sure you know the “typical” gym teacher stereotype; loud, gets angry easily, humiliates underperformers, and is actually unfit himself. Your goal should be the exact opposite. Get a skilled P.E. teacher that leads by example, encourages children to do their best, and is interested in seeing his or her students progress physically and mentally.
  • Many curricula simply treat Physical Education as a necessary evil, rather than as a valuable experience that teaches children the importance of physical fitness and how to progress beyond their limits. Revise metrics to reward significant progress, and try to relate the lessons to practical “real life” applications.
  • Encourage teamwork and healthy competition without fostering rivalry. Have plenty of team sports, and regularly switch team members around while keeping the sides “balanced” in terms of ability. Try to avoid punishments for the losing side, as this will lead to resentment. Teach them the value of sportsmanship, as being able to win or lose gracefully is a very valuable skill.

With these methods, you can help your students develop an active lifestyle, reduce childhood obesity, and give them plenty of fun memories all at the same time.

19 August 2014
The Daily News

Say Cheese: Significance of Photographs in the Future

cameraDo you barely remember your childhood days? Researchers found that people tend to forget their previous memories as early as the childhood days. They noted that the growth of new brain cells effectively overwrites new ones.

This does not happen systematically, though, because based on a theory, memories that are rarely retrieved and rehearsed will eventually be forgotten. It is not entirely lost, but remains deep in the long-term memory.

Saving Memories through Cameras

The development of the brain, language, and sense are essential to store and recall memories. There is another way, however, to remember the past events effectively. This is through a photograph. By taking pictures of an occurrence, you preserve the memories of that event.

Modern technology enables people to capture almost anything, anywhere, anytime. Photography authority DSLRPros stresses that technology offers better opportunities for people to store memories and reminisce on their past experiences.

Visual Story-telling

A mere picture itself can tell a tale. Whether it is candid, fine art, or just taken from your mobile phones, a picture is the truest form of documentation. It allows a person to visually share different experiences with others.

Value of Photographs

Words can be deceiving, but photos are just pure truth. This piece of paper can be a time machine, a window to the past. It is a peep hole that allows you to look back in your life, or even someone else’s life. Photographs provide a clearer image of the past compared to the memory.

As it reminds you of the past, it also tells how you should shape your future. You’ll never know that a random photo taken today might evoke strong emotions in following years and so. They say that photos are a reflection of the photographers view. That is why you should take pictures with happy thoughts.

Everything goes through change. After all, memories do fade; even photographs wane like memories when seldom retrieved or often disregarded. Never skip an event without taking a photograph. Every time you refuse to click the shutter, you close a window to your past.

15 August 2014
The Daily News

Everything You Need to Think of When Choosing the Right Flooring

choosing the right flooringThe flooring is one of the biggest components of your home. Choosing the right material and texture is important not only so that you and your family are comfortable, but also because it’s essential to aesthetics. Another factor you need to evaluate is its color. Aside from being functional, it must also be appealing.

Here are some pointers on how to choose the right flooring to fit the overall look of your home.

Match Your Style

What you want matters simply because it’s your home. Think about colors, patterns, and textures you like seeing, and then think about the different elements you’d like to see in the room. The flooring color is a base element and dictates the design scheme you can implement in a particular room.

Think of Your Lifestyle

According to About Floors n More, Having kids and pets make all the difference when it comes to choosing the flooring. For example, you may want to skip on the carpet if you have furry pets that are allowed to run around the house all day. You might also want to get some strong and non-slippery tiles for the bathroom to avoid kids from slipping. Any choices you make should always reflect your lifestyle. Flooring should be durable and have the capacity to withstand wear over long periods of time.

Stimulate the Right Emotions

Colors stimulate different emotions, and you must choose a color that fits the room. The kitchen could benefit from red or maroon flooring, while the bedroom calls for relaxing colors. Graffiti and patterns with various colors can work in recreational rooms.

Crunch Numbers

Although you want floors that are tough and look good at the same time, you should still consider the overall costs. Compute the material, delivery, underlayment, and installation. Planning ahead and calculating your expenses is a good way to determine if you’re making the right decisions.

Flooring is a versatile component of your home since there are so many options. Knowing which one is best is important to prevent any damages and regrets.